Crossing the road by foot in Ho Chi Minh

Favorite thing: Traffic in Ho Chi Minh……….I have never seen so many motorbikes in my life, at least they weren’t going fast like at home!

Crossing the street in Sai Gon

How to get across to the other side of the road?

Mmm, rather daunting with all those bikes, but it can be done quite easily.

The trick is to stay aware, and walk slowly and confidently. The motorbike riders are watching and will simply move to avoid you – just don’t make any sudden lurches forwards, backwards, or stop for that matter!

Just look for a gap in the traffic, and begin a slow but steady movement. If you hear a beep coming your way it’s likely a motorbike rider is about to enter your personal space.

Be a alert and prepared to stop putting your foot forward until he passes

If you don’t feel up to doing this, then go and stand with a local and cross with them!



– No sudden moves while on the streets
– Walk slow and have eye contacts
– Walk straight, diagonally.
– Stop if you can’t pass the traffic, just wait few seconds.


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