Things you must-know to get a Vietnam visa arrival (2021 up-to-date)

Vietnam VISA Arrival is one of the fastest and most comfortable ways to get a Vietnam Visa. The whole process only includes 3 simple steps: (1) Online registration to receive an approval letter) to your Email (2) Produce your approval letter at the airport and pay the stamping fee here (3) Get your official VISA.

Vietnam visa arrival

What should you do?

Step 1: Fill out the secured application form

Fill in the application form in the website with your exact information as the Passport: Full name, Passport Number, Date of Arrival. About the payment methods, we accept all of the most popular Credit and Debit cards.

Step 2: Receive and Print your approval letter out before departing

After sent us your information through the online form and paid, your VISA will be on processing. We need 2 working days (or shorter with Emergency VISA) to send you an approval letter through Email. All you need to do is print the attached PDF file and prepare TWO 4 cm x6 cm pictures before landing in Vietnam.

Step 3: You receive a VISA stamp when you arrive at one of the airports in Vietnam

When landing on any international airport in Vietnam, (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Da Nang,…), complete your the entry/exit form which sent you via email before with 2 Passport pictures you have prepared, then produce your approval letter, Passport, and the stamping fee. Your VISA will be stamped by Airport Staff.


  • Visa on arrival (VOA) only available for airline passengers. Tourists who come to Vietnam by any different kind of transport are required to contact local Vietnam Embassy to get a complete VISA before traveling.
  • Visa on arrival (VOA) will be accepted at any Vietnam airports. More details about the procedure here.
  • In order to run your visa procedure more smoothly and quickly, you can take a look at our exclusive Airport Service here.

VISA Procedure at Vietnam Airport

After widely-known around the world, Vietnam VISA ON ARIVAL is getting more and more popular, especially with tourists. Otherwise, it’s only active when you come to Vietnam by plane.

To acquire this VISA, passengers must have an approval letter first, then take a flight to Vietnam and get a stamp when landing on Vietnam airports. There are list of 8 International Airports where approved this kind of VISA:

  • Tan Son Nhat Airport (Ho Chi Minh City)
  • Noi Bai airport (Ha Noi City)
  • Cat Bi Airport (Hai Phong city)
  • Da Nang Airport (Da Nang City)
  • Cam Ranh Airport (Nha Trang City)
  • Lien Khuong Airport (Da Lat City)
  • Can Tho Airport (Can Tho City)

In this article, you will get more knowledge about VISA procedure in Vietnam airports and how to receive a complete VISA when landed. However, lets take a look at what you must prepare and some tips to save your time at the airport:

  • Original Passport (available for at least 6 months after you entry date and 2 blank pages)
  • VISA approval letter (printed)
  • Application form for Vietnam VISA (Sample N1 – also known as Immigration Application) with fulfill information and attached pictures).
  • The stamping fee (25 USD/ person for 1 or 3 months VISA and 50 USD/person for multiple times entry in 1 or 3 months)

How to get a VISA at Tan Son Nhat Airport (Ho Chi Minh City)?

In Tan Son Nhat airport, VISA counter is placed at the left side when you go through Immigration Hall.

VISA office has a notice board “Landing VISA”

First, you must produce your documentaries here, including Passport, Printed VISA Confirmed Letter, Completed the entry/exit form and two 4x6cm Pictures. After that, wait for the staff proceeding your order.
When you hear your name called out by Office Staff, take your picture from Airport Service Staff and pay the stamping fee (USD or VND). Officer will return you a Stamped Passport with receipt.
Double-check all of your information. If nothing wrong, you can go to the Immigration Control Counter. If you find something wrong, report to the Airport Police immediately before going to the Immigration Control Counter.

How to get a VISA at Noi Bai Airport (Ha Noi City)?

In Noi Bai Airport, VISA counter is right opposite the Passport Control Office. It has a board with text: “VISA upon arrival”. Unfortunately, if the airport is crowded, you will find it hard to see this notice board.

Produce your papers to VISA Officer and wait for minutes. The officer will call out your name or raised your Passport/Picture. In this step, you will pay the stamping fee.

When you receive a VISA for you and your friend’s passports, the officer will pass you give you a pink receipt and stamped passports. Check your information precisely when you still at the counter. Subsequently, go to the Passport Control Office for Foreigners and get a stamp in your Passport.

How to get a VISA at Da Nang Airport (Da Nang City)?

After landed, follow the instruction to reach the “VISA ON ARRIVAL” counter.

In the counter:

  • Produce your papers (Passport + VISA confirmed letter + Immigration Application with attached pictures) to the officer
  • After a few minutes, the officer will call out your name and require you pay the stamping fee
  • Come to the Cashier Counter to pay the fee, cash only and USD suggested. Take your passport with VISA in it.

It will take you about 15 to 20 minutes in this process. When the passport/ VISA is in your hand, go next to Passport Control Counter to get a green stamp on your passport.

How to get a VISA at Cam Ranh, Cat Bi, Lien Khuong và Can Tho airports?

Follow the instruction after landing to get into Immigration Hall, the “VISA ON ARRIVAL” counter is on the left side. Do the same steps as we mentioned.

On the whole, you must spend approximately 30 minutes to get a VISA after landing at any international airport in Vietnam. If you are too busy or don’t want to waste your time in line, you should consider our Airport Service (highly-recommended if you travel with children or elderly), it helps you save your time and boosts your travel experience to another level.

This is the detailed instructions about how to get a VISA when you come to Vietnam airports. Please let us support you with any questions. Contact us: Tel: +849 3600 9908, Email: It’s our pleasure to bring you perfect services.